From pace to long run: recap

I’m SO excited it is Saturday and both my pace and long runs are behind me! 🙂  Now, I’m relaxing at home with the fiancé, watching football (ok, I’m multi-tasking while the fiance’s team plays… my Badgers play later!), and sipping on some Bailey’s and coffee.  Ahhh. Pure bliss!


Yesterday, we bumped up the mileage on our pace run.  Once again, I tried to get out of it, suggested delaying it one day until today and tackling our long run on Sunday.  But, alas, Josh was insistent we get it done and not procrastinate with the promise of a relaxing Sunday morning aka “rest day.”

I saw this quote in my email as I was getting ready and doing my best to motivate myself for a 10 mile pace run and it truly served as my inspiration during the run:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 1.09.00 PM


We started out nice and slow for a 1 mile warm up, I had some tummy troubles and had to stop at Hy Vee at the 1 mile mark before we started out on our “pace.”  As we took off, I felt great!  I felt light and the run felt pretty comfortable.  From the start, I had trouble staying at a consistent.  I was fluctuating all over the place!  I mentally broke the run down each mile.  Anticipating when each mile marker was coming up, it was my goal to get to the next one, not thinking about the run as a whole, but mile by mile.  It seems to help keep me from becoming overwhelmed and worried mid-run if I can finish.  As we turned around and headed back home for the 2nd half of the run, I felt more labored to keep pace.  My mantra became “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”  I just told myself over and over this uncomfortable feeling was good for me.  The last 2 miles, I struggled the most with consistency.  I’ve noticed over the course of the past few weeks that if I start to let my mind wander and think of things, other than my run, I tend to slow down!  I need to remain present, tuned in to the run and what my body is doing.  I realized during this run that is going to make running 26.2 miles seem fairly loooooong.  Overall, we hit our pace goal and finished with a great average for the 10 miles.  I hit up Power Life Yoga later for Hot Barre Yoga, which is a new obsession.  A combination of strength, stability, yoga, and ballet?  SOLD!  And, it definitely is a kick in the pants too when it comes to level of intensity.

This morning, I woke up at 4:30am in order to eat some breakfast and mentally prepare for our long run.  We had 14 miles on the schedule this weekend.  I’m already in mind frame that 14 miles is no big deal and even indulged in some wine at dinner last night.  Because, after all, I only had 14 miles to run today!  Josh met me and Bisou a little after 5 and we set out.  The first mile felt labored and I was somewhat surprised at our pace.  It felt like we were running a lot faster than we were!  My legs were definitely tired and my arms were screaming from the Barre workout yesterday.  My legs loosened up as we kept on running and Josh was pleasantly more chatty this morning than usual!  A nice distraction.  The first 6 1/2 miles seemed to fly by!  We dropped Bisou off at my house and hopped in the car to meet Marzia and Andrea J. for the second half of our run at Brenton Skating Rink. From the start, we were chatty.  We were also clipping along at a fairly decent pace down the Principal River Walk!  For once, I didn’t feel like I was lagging behind or needing to die in order to keep up with them.  I felt more energized in the second half than I did starting out on this run!  We chatted about work and wedding plans and again, before I knew it, we were finishing up the full 14 miles!

I hurriedly got cleaned up and rushed to the gym to instruct water aerobics after the run.  As soon as I got the pool, a girl who was swimming laps flagged me over and excitedly exclaimed that I needed to get a net and capture a spider that was in her lane.  Now, this girl didn’t understand that I am a spider hater.  I said I would go get help, but she was insistent that the spider be taken care of right away.  In somewhat of a panic, I grabbed the net and scooped it out.  This was no ordinary spider.  It was huge.  The size of a quarter and you could clearly see all the quadrants of its big, black body.  EW! Thankfully, the net was attached to a pole that was twice my height, so I held the spider at a distance.  I had no clue what to do with it.  I walked around the pool and in one quick move, dumped it on the deck and stomped on it as fast as I could.  It left a big black mark.  Ugh.  GROSS!!!

Thankfully, 1 cup of coffee and Bailey’s later, and I feel better already :)!  Cheers!




2 thoughts on “From pace to long run: recap

  1. Nice job gal getting those done. It definately scares me to add longer pace runs to my schedule for this winter. But, like you said, it makes us stronger.


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