Spin Monday!

This week, I took a little breather from preparing a full on workout and we did ladder drills.  It’s fun and easy prep!  Start from the top down, doing the first exercise for 1 minute, second exercise for 1 minute, then go back to the first exercise, do each for a minute again, and add on the third exercise for 1 minute.  Then, repeat from the top.  Keep doing each exercise for 1 minute and adding on another one as you work your way down “the ladder”.

Plus, I can put my iPod on shuffle and get a mix of my favorite music! 🙂

Warm up- 5 minutes

Seat flat road run

Run out of the saddle

Seated climb- steep increase at 30 seconds


Seated sprints (20 seconds)

Hovers (10-15 seconds hover, 10 second run)

Standing climb

Seated climb (heaviest tension possible)


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