Quote of the Week

Other than a good pair of shoes, all you need to run is a strong mind that’s able to push you when you’re about to give up. And not giving up allows you to see quick results early on, which only helps your state of mind. It’s a fantastic positive-feedback loop.”

-Sam VeuCasovic

This is so true!  If only I could keep a strong mind during each and every run :).  I guess that’s why I love the sport so much.  It challenges me, not just physically, but mentally, each and every time I lace up my shoes.  I can run an easy run and it feels like it takes everything out of me.  Reversely, I can kill a tough pace run and feel on top of the world.  Above all, it’s about not giving up.  It’s about lacing those shoes up day after day and getting back out there to try again. The strength and the confidence that builds inevitably spills over into every aspect of life. I agree, it’s an absolutely fantastic positive-feedback loop.


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