Spin Monday!

Has it really been a week since I’ve posted?  It’s been a whirl wind with travel and I’m struggling to keep up…

Last week was truly “spin” Monday for me.  I was sick.  As I opened my mouth to bark orders at my spinners, I nearly puked all over the spin bike!  Yeah, I know GROSS!  Think how I felt in that moment!  Needless to say, I came home and promptly spent the rest of the day in bed.

With all the travel that I’ve been doing lately, I’ve given myself a little “break” and have been recycling old favs for spin class:

Interval Training:
1. Warm up
2. Run out of the saddle; increase resistance 1/2 way through
3. 10-10-10!  10 sec sprint, 10 sec recovery, 10 times
4. Recovery; seated
5. Hill climb; end standing with heavy resistance
6. Hold resistance; jumps & standing tunnel
7. Tabata Drills; 20 sec “on” 10 sec “off”
8. Recovery; pick up pace gradually
9. Seated climb; add resistance every 30 sec
10. Run out of the saddle
11. 75% song!
12. Cool down & stretch
1. Warm up
2. 1 minute run out of the saddle; 30 sec seated pick up x2
3. 1 minute x4- Standing: 50 sec sprint, 10 sec rest; 40 sec sprint, 20 sec rest; 30 sec sprint, 30 sec rest; 20 sec sprint, 40 sec rest
4. Repeat seated
5. Active recovery
6. 3 x4 minute sets: 1 min standing run, 2 min seated run, 1 min jumps
7. Repeat
8. Repeat
9. Short, steep climb
10. 3 min at 5K pace
11. Cool down & stretch

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