I am struggling… at a crossroads.  I am caught between stressing out from missing runs and deciphering between giving my body the rest it may need.

I came home from DC late and my body did not recuperate as fast as I would have liked it to.  In fact, it took me two full days to recover from getting home at 1:30am, essentially butting together 2 full and long work days with no rest in between.  I felt like  truck had rolled over me, backed itself up, and rolled over me again.  I had body aches.  Head aches.  And I felt out of breath while just sitting and thinking about running.  For real!

The first day, I switched out my rest day and enjoyed it.  The second day, when I was supposed to run my mile repeats with Josh, we were hit with freezing rain and as I unloaded to him how badly I felt, he made the decision that I should not run and push a tough workout when I’m not feeling up to par.  So, he essentially pulled into the parking lot of the gym and then turned around and dropped me off at home again.  I crawled into bed and slept as long as I could before crawling into my office to start my work day (a benefit of working from home, when you feel like crud, you can work in your jammies 🙂 ).  I started to freak out yesterday about the missed speed workout.  Would this hinder me?  This close to the marathon, can I afford to miss key runs, like mile repeats?  I think more than physically needing the workout, mentally I need it!

This morning Josh and I planned to rebound and run 12 miles.  Our long run for the week.  Except, the windchill was -4.  NO way.  And NO way I was tackling 12 miles on the treadmill or indoor track.  So, another skipped run.  I had good intentions of going to the gym this afternoon and tackling those missed mile repeats from yesterday… but after a fun dress fitting with 3 of my bridesmaids and my personal attendant… I ended up spending some quality time with my personal attendant for a few hours and then met up with my bridesmaids for sushi and movies.  Initially, I felt bad.  Then, I thought why should I feel bad about this?  I am enjoying my engagement.  I’m putting relationships with people who are key to me first.  Before my running.  This is an opportunity I will not have again and I’m enjoying my engagement!

Reality is, I ran once this week.  I had some rough, long days.  I felt like crud.  I needed rest.  And I enjoyed some quality time with people who are very important to me.  Yes, I’m now 2 weeks out from the marathon.  Will this hurt me?  I guess we’ll see.  I guess it’s the decision I made.  To allot myself some R&R and for once, not push myself when I knew I was reaching my limit.  The start line will be the ultimate determinator…


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