Spin Monday!

Hello!  I am back in the swing of things and starting this week off on top of it!  Man, it’s been a whirlwind month!  I am NOT made out for a life of travel week to week, I have battled a weakened immune system, getting sick after each flight and exhausting trip, and I’m so out of my routine, I swear, I am losing my mind!  But, enough grumbling! :).  This morning, I was definitely grateful to be back in front of my class!  And this morning’s workout was a toughie!  It left me out of breath and my spinners told me they had wobbly legs- a sure sign of a great workout and start to the week!

For inspiration, i headed over to The Dancing Runner‘s blog.  I love this blogger- not only does she had ideas for a killer workout, but she is on top of great music selections too!  I am not the most up to date in the music world, so I like to see what she’s added to her weekly playlists :).  

Let’s go for a ride!


Warm up

Standing run



Recover 1 min,Climb 7/8/9

Accelerations 15 on/10 off

Active recovery

Jumps on a 7/8 hill

Rolling hills

Climb 7/8/9/10

Accelerations 20 on/10 off

Cool down



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