Short and Rough

Whew!  This morning marked my last pace run pre-marathon!  And… although it was short (well, that it relative… 8 miles is short compared to the longer pace runs I’ve tackled during my training this time around), it was rough.  Rough both physically and mentally.

Starting out, I didn’t have the best mindset.  I just wanted it done and over.  I knew this was the last one and I knew I could run it.  Like I said, 8 miles at pace seems like nothing now.  My thoughts were scattered.  I was thinking about what I need to do before leaving for Tucson and what still needs to get checked off the wedding planning list.  As we finished our mile warm up and started out at pace, I felt labored.  I felt like we were going super fast, but I was waiting for Josh to say something to the effect that we needed to slow down.  He never said it, so I kept pace with him and plugged on.  Just over 2 miles into the run, a muscle along the back of my left knee tightened up.  It’s been tight(er) for the past 2 days and I wasn’t sure how serious it was.  I called a “time-out” and stopped running to ask Josh what to do.  Play it safe and jog it back easy home or keep on pushing through the pain.  1 week out from the marathon, we decided not to push it.  We turned around and started to jog easy back to my house.  As we kept running, the muscle loosened up.  I was starting to feel much better and Josh commented that we were running a pretty good pace.  I decided then that I could keep going and finish our planned 8 miles.  The annoying faint pain persisted off and on, although it didn’t get any worse and it wasn’t constant.  My mind continued to be all over the map and the miles were ticking by s-l-o-w-l-y.  Around mile 6, I asked Josh if he was going to confirm our plans to finalize the menu for our rehearsal dinner and he told me to stop thinking and start running- push it until the end!  (he knows I can’t run and think at the same time- seriously, I slow down when I think too much…)  I was also amazed that I was able to talk to him at that pace- starting our training plan months ago, there was no way I would’ve been able to ask a question 6 miles into a pace run!  We finally finished and started our cool down.  My body was tired.  My legs felt trashed.  However, Josh commented that he couldn’t tell.  I wasn’t breathing heavily and I kept pace without slowing down today.

I knew I needed to soak in some epsom salts post-run.  I drew a bath and antsy me, couldn’t relax.  I cut the soaking time short and it was a good thing I did!  I was subbing to instruct a water aerobics class this morning and my phone alarm indicated that it was starting a half hour earlier than I remembered it did!  Oops!  I threw my hair in a ponytail and whisked out the door sans makeup to the gym!  I made it with minutes to spare and set up.  After class, I finally had a chance to refuel and then I crashed.  I crawled back into bed with Bisou tucked by my side and slept HARD for an hour and a half.  I feel like I could sleep all day!  But, with the holiday weekend, family activities, wedding planning, and later a Christmas party awaits!  ‘Tis the season, right? 🙂  Cheers!



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