Spin Monday!

I am finally getting back into the swing of things!  My legs are feeling “normal” again and I was rearing to go during spin class this morning.  With the holidays around the corner, class was full and the spinners were full of energy- it was excellent!  This workout created quite the burn this morning!

1. Warm up

2. Standing Intervals: 1 minute fast; 1 minute recovery

3. Seated race pace

4. Start a steady climb seated

5. Continue climb out of the saddle to heaviest resistance

6. Flat road run, nice and easy, picking up the pace halfway through

7. Easy run out of the saddle during verse; seated with heavy resistance during chorus

8. Seated easy run during verse; seated sprints during chorus

9. Standing race pace

10. Standing climb- sit at heavy resistance

11. 75% song

12. Cool Down

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.54.16 AM


I’ve also started my wedding boot camp!  Josh put together an upper body and abs workout for us to follow leading up to our wedding to get us in shape for laying on the beach on our honeymoon!  It feels so good to be active again, I can’t even describe it!  I have definitely been feeling “fat and sassy” this past week!  I’m looking forward to adding some strength training in and starting to devise my running plan for 2014!



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