Being Intentional

My yoga instructor this week asked the class to share 1 thing we will be intentional about in the new year.  In lieu of “resolutions”, which, I have never ever been a fan of and as far as I can remember, have never really committed to… I rather like the idea of being intentional going into 2014.

So, here is what I am going to be intentional about in the New Year:

1. Now that I’ve met my goal of qualifying for Boston, my new goal is to set a PR that will ensure I actually run Boston.  I squeezed by and qualified with 38 seconds to spare.  That means there is a chance that the race will be full before I get a chance to register (BIG bummer).  I would like to set a new PR and at the same time, run a pace that will get me a better qualifying time.

2. I am going to listen to others and push myself to new limits.  Ok, by others, I mean Josh.  I am going to heed the advice of a sprinter and work on giving up my preconceived notions that strength training and cross-training are a waste of time and will not benefit me.  Th fact is, there is actually a lot of research out there that proves me wrong.  And Josh is quick to share that research with me :).  By strengthening the muscles in my legs, I should get faster and increase my endurance.  The hard part for me is making time.  In order to do this, I have to cut back on my mileage and spend more time with the weights.

2.5 Along with strength training, which is why this is 2.5 ( 🙂 ), I am going to go to more yoga classes.  For me, this includes Barre classes and Sculpt classes, which is another method of strength training and pushes me to new limits.  I also need to get committed to attending restorative classes to stretch out my poor muscles properly and also, relax.

3. Another thing I will be intentional about in 2014 is simply being present.  This includes being present during my runs and my cross-training, which to me, is really the essence of “being intentional.”  Putting my thoughts and my energy in the same place, rather than letting the ten thousand other things I need to do or should be doing get in my way to distract me.  This also is something that I intend to practice in every aspect of my life from work to personal relationships.  So many times, when someone else is talking, I find my mind wandering.  Life is so busy, crazy busy, and I have a hard time shutting down and really giving what is in front of me my fullest attention.  It’s awful!  I know this!  And it is something that I will commit to working on, to make me a better person.  While life is crazy busy, it is also too short, too precious, to not live it to the fullest and let those people and those events that are truly special to you have your utmost attention.

With all of those things in mind, I am working on my race schedule for 2014.  Josh is helping me.  I am listening.  And my training plan for the Paris Marathon will be completely different from anything I have ever done in the past.  It will incorporate more strength training days and less running days.  Working on building muscle, while keeping my endurance up.  It’ll be exciting to see how I grow from this different technique.  And how I will run my fall marathon (still to be determined 🙂 ) with some strength built up during the spring.



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