Spin Monday

Happy Monday!  It is absolutely FRIGID in the midwest today!  Schools are cancelled due to the windchill and it’s the coldest day in Des Moines since 1996!  Today, I am thankful for the remote start on my car :).



What better to do on a cold, blustery weekend?  Well, move, of course!  Josh and I are getting ready for our wedding in FIVE DAYS!! I’m one lucky gal and got this fantastic text from Josh Friday morning:

photo 1

Awwww, melt! 🙂 Thankfully, Saturday morning wasn’t terrible and we got most of the moving out of the way before the temps started to steadily drop Saturday night.  Sunday was a perfect day to hole up inside and unpack boxes.  Bisou was an anxious pup on Saturday, I think she was afraid we would forget her!  Once she figured out the familiar things from my house, including her toys, made to Josh’s she crashed right in the middle of the unpacking chaos.

photo 2


So, I was exhausted last night and took the “lazy man’s” out in preparing for spin class this morning.  I put the best of 2013 album on shuffle on my iPod and led the class through a ladder workout.  Judging by the looks I was getting mid-class and the amount of sweat dripping off the spinners, despite the chilly gym, I’d say it didn’t turn out so “lazy” after all :).

Warm up

Standing run with heavy resistance

Jumps- keep heavy resistance

Seated fast flat road

Hill; start with medium resistance, at 30 seconds crank up the tension for a steep hill

Jumps at heavy resistance

Seated fast flat road

Sprints; 20 seconds sprint with 10 second recovery

Hill; increase resistance every 15 seconds

Cool down

Start with 5 minute warm up, each exercise is 1 minute long.  Start with the 1st exercise, add 2nd, go back to 1st, then 2nd, add 3rd, back to 1st, etc.


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