Spin Monday

Tried and True workout this Monday morning…

Each song represents a different interval.  This kept my heart rate up during the entire workout with a few built in recovery songs.

1. Warm Up

2. Run out of the saddle; increase resistance 1/2 way through

3. 10-10-10 (10 sec sprint, 10 sec recovery, 10 times)

4. Recovery- seated flat road run; pick up pace after 1 minute

5. Hill climb; end standing with heavy resistance

6. Hold heavy resistance; Jumps out of the saddle (back over seat and 1st position)

7. Tabata Drills! (20 sec high intensity, 10 sec rest)

8. Recovery- Start standing, sit 1/2 way through

9. Seated climb; add resistance every 30 seconds

10. Run out of the saddle

11. 75% song!

12. Cool down & stretch


2 thoughts on “Spin Monday

  1. Very nice! I often listen to music during my speed workouts, but I haven’t thought about using the music to actually structure the workout itself. I always stick to the time/distance intervals and just let the music play on. I think I should give the music dictated speed workouts a shot.


    1. I think it helps- finding music that is roughly 135 bpm- that way I have a reference for what I want the class to do- I tell them to keep pace with the music or pick it up to double time – I coach them to let the music guide them :). Good luck!


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