Adventure Run

Dashing Sliding through the snow made for an interesting long run this weekend!  Thankfully, the winds died down and the temperatures with windchill were above zero. Josh and I had 14 miles on the training plan and we were fortunate that my friends were meeting us to suffer run with us.

The forecast called for heavy snow falling after midnight, so we knew we’d be running in the elements.  Heavy snow ended up being a few inches and it was done by the time my alarm went off at 5:45am.  I had almost forgotten my routine for long runs!  I ate my usual tortillas with peanut butter and honey 2 hours before the start of our run.  I remembered at the last second to grab a handful of gummy bears to stuff in my pocket and when my friend, Dre, showed up at our door, we got the dogs and headed out.  Dre had 16 miles to run and had run to our house to get in the extra miles.  She warned us that it was slick.  The plows hadn’t come yet and it was so early most people hadn’t shoveled their sidewalks yet.  The snow was deceiving as it covered up the ice spots.  Nonetheless, we headed out on a 5 mile loop before we stopped back at our house to meet Marzia for another 9 miles.  It was laborious.  For every step I took forward, I felt like I slipped 2 steps back. Still, it felt good to be outside.  We were chatting away and Bisou seemed to be enjoying the run too! The 5 mile loop was uneventful and we stopped back at the house to meet Marzia and drop off Bisou.

Heading out on the 2 loop, I felt great!  I was breathing easy.  My legs were tired from the power and plyo cross training workouts I started incorporating this week, but dredging through the slippery snow wasn’t awful.  Plus, we were running my favorite route up to the Capitol and back!  The miles kept ticking by as we got caught up with each other.  I hadn’t run with either Dre or Marzia since before the wedding!  I was thoroughly enjoying the run.  This route is a bit hilly and the packed snow made it extremely difficult to gain traction and power up.  I felt like a mouse running around and around a little wheel, hoping to eventually make some progress.  And we did, albeit slowly.  Nothing was speedy about this run.  We ended up being a half mile short of 14 miles, but for once, I didn’t care about hitting the exact number on my garmin.  The extra effort we put forth had to have been worth a few extra miles, let alone a half mile!  Despite the extra effort, I wasn’t hurting too much, which was surprising since Josh was.  Perhaps the steroids helped me out again on this run!  It was exactly what I needed to jump-start my marathon training.  The ease of the pace gave me confidence and the excitement I needed to get my head into these next 9 weeks.

Best part?  Following the run with a bath in a big jet tub with soothing ginger oils for my muscles and a hot cup of coffee with Bailey’s.  Pure Bliss!


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