Just a (un)Typical Week Night…

After my post on Tuesday, I decided to take it easy during Spin class yesterday and focus my efforts on my weekly plyo workout.  It was hard, especially since I led the class through one of my favorite workouts- intervals on the bike to simulate a track speed work out (stay tuned for Monday’s post for more on that!).  My plyo workout was rough.  It was apparent afterwards that I am just plain exhausted!  I was sloppy and “tweaked” my ankle a bit during one of the many power jumps.  Thankfully, it was a minor “tweak” and nothing long-lasting will come of it, but it definitely indicated to me that I should back off some.

It became more apparent that I need to extend myself some grace after talking with a  colleague yesterday afternoon, who pointed out my rigorous schedule the past month: Wedding, Honeymoon, Work Travel… I thought about it and really that rigorous schedule has been for 2 months now, starting with: Tucson Marathon, Christmas, New Years, then Wedding, etc… no wonder I am exhausted!

I decided today would be my rest day and I’ll run both Saturday and Sunday instead.  I also squeezed in a glorious nap after work and before the hubbie got home from his office yesterday (one of the many, many benefits of working from home= no commute time!).  Unfortunately, I felt so great after the nap, that I forgot the whole point of taking the rest day.  I cooked up a pretty great dinner (not to brag, but it was tasty and Josh agreed… stay tuned for tomorrow’s Foodie Friday post!!)  While I cooked away for quite a while, I enjoyed a nice, big glass of wine!

photo 3

And then another glass while we enjoyed the dinner and got caught up on this week’s episode of The Bachelor (guilty pleasure!).  I was feeling relaxed and enjoying the company of Josh… and as we watched clips of Jimmy Fallon, like this one, I helped myself to another glass of wine.  After all, I got to sleep in today! 🙂  You know, why not “live it up” on a Wednesday night, right?

Needless to say, I should have gone to bed earlier than 10:30 (scandalous, I know!) :).  I did sleep in this morning, but I’m desperately craving a 2nd cup of coffee and a nap… just another (un)typical day in the life of a crazed, I mean dedicated, runner!


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