What will you choose?

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 8.25.40 AM


This quote popped into my inbox earlier this week and definitely made me pause and think.  What would I choose?  Lately, I’ve been letting the day run me.  I’ve been tired and irritable.  My runs haven’t been great.  They’ve been hard.  I know you know, because I can’t stop complaining about it on here.  Well, enough is enough.  When it comes time choose, I choose to make the conscious decision to run my day.  It’s about time, don’t you think?  Time to take control and focus on the positives, not look back and get dragged down by daily nuisances.

Since making that choice, my pace run went great on Thursday!  It was on the treadmill (treadmill) and albeit a tad boring, but my body was “on.”  I didn’t feel exhausted or overly labored.  The pace felt easy.  And this morning, our 18 mile run, was completed with the same ease.  It is amazing what the sunshine and dryer pavement (for the most part, anyways…) can do!  The past 3 weeks have been tough, tough runs through the ice and snow in absolutely frigid temperatures.  This morning, most of the streets were clear of ice and snow, the feeling of actually moving forward with each step was amazing!  I wore less layers and kept the face mask at home.  Maybe that helped me feel more free and light during the hours we spent covering nearly every inch of the city.  It was fun!  Dre, Josh, and I… ok really Dre and I, chatted most of the time about nothing and everything.  While it was still tough, steep hills and patchy ice spotting the route, after the past several weeks, this could be rated as a rave run.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 2.49.52 PM


Does this make sense to you?  I saw it on Run the Edge’s Facebook page and you know what, after this morning, it makes perfect sense to me!



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