As I ran today, a lot of different titles went through my head for this blog post.

The first was “snot rockets” because, sadly, that was a skill I near perfected during my run.  Blowing snot rockets and spitting up pleghm.  Yeah, I wasn’t too lady-like this afternoon.  On the plus side, I think running did clear out a lot of crap that was swirling around in my head.

Second was “Eureka!” because I feel like I found the pot of gold at the end of winter.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.  It is still winter (dangit!), but it was a balmy 30 degrees and the glorious sun was beating down as I ran.  It was amazeballs, my friends! In fact, the 30 degrees felt so warm after the subzero temps we’ve had lately, that I quickly shed a layer just after stepping outside.  That’s right, I left my jacket at home and ran with only 1 layer!  It was so free-ing!

The pavement was dry(er) and I was able to push off and move forward!  I knew I was supposed to run easy, but my body felt strong and I had the energy, so I went with it.  And, I’m sure the round of steroids I’m on for my sinus infection isn’t hurting my running either.  I think I heart them.  Not in a scary, addictive type of manner, just in a I love how I can run without any effort and recover really fast afterwards manner :).  The steroids are definitely taking me off schedule though.  I haven’t been exactly tired.  I woke up around 4am yesterday and today.  Today, I was starving to boot!  So, I got up and helped myself to breakfast- a giant bowl of chex cereal and soy milk.  Of course, with that early of a breakfast, I was ready for lunch around 9:30am :).  I settled for some yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries and mixed raw nuts.

Back to the run… I set off with a goal of completing anywhere between 6-9 miles.  I know, that’s a big spread, but I knew what I didn’t cover today, I could cover over the course of the next two days.  And, as I mentioned above, I was feeling great.  The air felt fresh.  I didn’t mind the slush in the streets or on the sidewalks- I know it only means my winter nemesis, the ice and snow, are melting.  I ran around the Drake neighborhood and into Beaverdale.  With my routine of blowing snot rockets and spitting up plehgm, I decided that sticking to streets with lower traffic was probably a good idea.  Which, brings me to what would probably be the most appropriate title for this blog post- LOST.  I was so deep in my thoughts and enjoying the run, I’m not quite sure where I was or how I got there.  I knew I was still in Beaverdale, and the cute brick houses and even brick roads were just darn cute!  As long as I felt I knew the general area, I just kept on running.  The problem is, I have a horrible sense of direction and I took too many left turns when I should’ve turned right… or vice versa… I’m not exactly sure :).  With the sunshine and the ease of the run, I didn’t get discouraged.  I was at 5 miles and I knew I had some room to “play” before I would get to the max I wanted to run today.  I just kept weaving and praying that God would give me some sense of direction or semblance of recognition.  Finally, after 1 turn, I found myself in front of one of my favorite mexican restaurants on the edge of Beaverdale.  Not. At. All. where I thought I was, but nonetheless, I knew how to get back home from there :).

As I wound myself through the neighborhood, back to the Drake neighborhood, I just took in the smells and the sights.  Everything was so fresh! I felt fresh.  Renewed.  This winter has gotten it’s dredges in me and this run set me free.  It was the re-set I needed to get my attitude and mental state turned back around.  It was glorious.  Simply. Divinely. Glorious.


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