Spin Monday

Ok folks, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things here, it feels like it’s been a whirlwind since we got back from running the Paris Marathon 3 weeks ago and it’s about to  get even more hectic heading into May.  Ready?? Breathe!  That’s my motto for the month to keep calm and centered :).

This morning started out a bit rough.  As I headed out the door to teach spin class at 5:15am, my car wouldn’t start.  It was D-E-A-D. After a brief moment of panic (in which I think I became FULLY awake), I dashed back into my house and grabbed the keys to my husband’s car.  I pulled into the gym right at 5:30 and made a mad dash into the spin room to get the class going as close to on as possible.  After running the Drake Relays on the Road Half Marathon with a friend yesterday, I meant to take it a little easier on the bike this morning.  But the music and the shot of panic and stress from the morning debacle had me going at full speed.  My music was an eclectic mix and went with the workout really well- I was enjoying the class and cool, calm, and collected by the finish.

  1. Warm up
  2. Run out of the Saddle
  3. Seated climb- max out
  4. Dial down resistance a little; standing run with heavy resistance
  5. Flat road/ recovery; slowly picking up the pace towards the end
  6. Pick ups (sprint during chorus)
  7. Threshold song!  Keetpbeat with the music (about 135 RPMs) for the entire song with medium-heavy resistance
  8. Climb- add resistance every 30 seconds; end out of the saddle
  9. Turn dow resistance a little; standing run with medium heavy resistance
  10. Threshold song!  Keep beat with the music (about 135 RPMs) for the entire song with medium-heavy resistance.
  11. Cool down

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 8.24.14 AM

I threw in a lot of positive coaching- the standing runs with heavier resistance mixed in with the threshold songs really do a number on the quads and I felt the burn early on!

Happy Monday and Cheers!


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