Quote of the Week



So well said!  There were a few days last week that I missed my morning run while I was traveling for work and it threw me off!  So, this week feeling a little “off”, I hopped on the treadmill after instructing spin class this morning for some speed work and to clear my head.  It was definitely the in-between space that I needed to re-boot myself.  Do you ever found yourself needing, actually needing to go on a run?  Running definitely my therapy and lately, I need a daily session!


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. Oh, this is lovely! I struggle with energy on morning runs, so I know that they are always just going to be easy. I always end up in a really zen-like state on morning runs, and am really beginning to enjoy them. This quote is just perfect, that’s what it’s all about!


  2. this is a good one and accurate for my run this morning! I’m about 11 days post full marathon and starting to build back up… I have needed to run mentally even when it was a little soon to do so. Glad to be back at it and have the day start with endorphins and pride!


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