Shift in focus: Power up!

Tomorrow, I will be taping for my certification in Group Power.  Oi!  Needless to say, this week my focus has shifted from running to perfecting form, timing, and coaching.  I’ve had the pleasure of instructing during 4 classes this week at my gym, which provided immeasurable (!) practice opportunities!  I think I’m ready!  Well, ready or not, it’s nearly here!

I am still in love with this new endeavor and I am very excited to see how much stronger I will become from this workout becoming innately imbedded into my weekly routine!  No doubt, I will become stronger, leaner, and faster!  Although, it does mean that I will have to give up some of my OCD when it comes to marathon training.  I will have less time to devote to running and less energy with this hour long “boot camp” pushing me to the limits.  But, I think I’ve reached the point in my running where a change will be good.  And, like I said, I fully expect this to help make me faster!  Well, at the very least, more efficient :).

In all seriousness, I am getting really anxious to start training for my next marathon.  I’ve taken a solid month to put this Group Power certification as my priority and I miss my morning runs.  I miss pushing myself to the limits at the track.  I miss the exhaustion and sheer satisfaction that only a hard run can bring.  June 15th kicks off the next training cycle and I’m counting the days! 🙂  I had planned to sneak a half marathon in next weekend.  Des Moines’ Dam to Dam Distance Classic is switching from the traditional 20K to a half marathon and it would be pretty exciting to run in it’s inaugural year, especially since I have always enjoyed the 20K.  The hubs has been pushing himself hard and is training to run a PR at that distance.  Watching him be so dedicated to his training and pushing himself to get through tough workouts has been inspiring.  And, for the first time in my life (gulp! gasp! brace yourself here!) I feel like putting someone else’s running before mine.  He has been SO supportive in me and in all that I want to try to accomplish, that I feel my role during this race is one of support and being a cheerleader to see him through to the finish.  I know, right?!?  Who knew that I had it in me to be so unselfish.  I have to admit, I myself, am a bit surprised :).

And since I am never short of crazy ideas.  Here is my newest obsession:  A treadmill desk.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.57.09 PM

I am convinced this is what I need in my home office.  For those days (which, for me unfortunately, come more often than not…) where I seem to have ants in my pants and can’t stay seated at my desk.  For me, when I need to write a paper or presentation or begin to work on a really big project, I find myself walking around, noodling my thoughts over in my head before I can sit down and write.  And even then, as I am putting my thoughts down, I am up and out of my seat often as I try to find the right words….  the campaign is on to get the hubs to see the light on this new idea!  Haha… we can all dream big, right?… ;).



6 thoughts on “Shift in focus: Power up!

  1. That treadmill desk is SO cool. I have always thought that would be such a handy thing to have, even just for me in the evenings… Someday, I will totally have that. So when I do all my evening computer work I can exercise at the same time. Also, I just noticed next to the comment box, Tuscon is still listed as your next big race. What IS your next one? I can’t remember!


    1. I know, right? Downfall is, I don’t think I can run and read at the same time 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to update my next race info! I’m shooting for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October and then Tucson again in December.. hoping to find a half somewhere before October, but I think I’ve gotten myself pretty busy with other workouts (cycle and group power!) for the time being- haha!


  2. several people at my office have treadmill desks in their personal offices, and they even ordered two for public areas so anyone can use them. I can’t read while walking or running, but I just ordered a standing desk to keep from all the sitting all the time. Sitting is the new smoking– it is going to kill all of us technology dependent workers if we are not vigilant.


    1. Oh wow! That is SO awesome!! Working from home, I tend to “pace” a lot and take my laptop from room to room, but yeah, I still end up sitting a lot- too much! And with bad posture to boot.


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