Foodie Friday

This week I tried my very first MOREL mushrooms!!! Seriously, someone like me, who loves mushrooms and never once tried the most famous, beloved morels??  Crazy!

The hubs and I spent last weekend in Omaha visiting some of his friends and we came across a stand at the Saturday morning farmer’s market selling the little gems.  I had to grab some!

First, I researched how to clean them and decided to cut them in half and do a few quick rinses in cold water to get rid of the grit and any crawlers that may have made a home in the hollow stems.

photo 3

Since it is finally patio and grill weather (!) I decided to pair the gems (aka morels) with lamb chops.  Since lamb chops don’t need  a lot of fancying up, I created a simple marinade using Rosemary olive oil and some Mo’s Rub.

photo 1

It was my first experience using Mo’s Rub- my friends have been talking up this local, Iowa seasoning blend for quite some time and when I looked at the ingredients, it included everything I was going to mix together- win win!


I let the lamb chops marinade for an hour in the fridge and then another hour on the counter to bring them to room temperature before cooking (always best!).

photo 2

I found a simple recipe for the morels that didn’t involve frying the little gems- seriously, why ruin something great with batter and deep-frying in oil?  I prefer lighter and healthier options myself… So, I simply sautéed the morels in rosemary olive oil, fresh garlic, and a splash of red wine. 

We threw some locally grown asparagus marinated with lemon olive oil on the grill with the lamp chops and voila!  An easy, scrumptious, healthy dinner!

photo 4



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