Spin Monday!

Happy Memorial Day!  The hubbie and I have been taking advantage of this long weekend and actually hit the trails with our bikes!  Ok, I hit the trail with my bike… for whatever reason, the hubs doesn’t find it necessary or appropriate to own one, so he had to borrow from his brother.  Oi.  Any ways, we enjoyed the sunshine with my niece and with one of my girlfriends and her fabulous family!

Here is this week’s workout:

Warm up.

One minute: 1 minute up out of the saddle, hard cardio push, should have enough tension to run strong.  1 minute back in the saddle, breathing and pulling the energy back in.  REPEAT.

Two minutes: add tension, in the saddle, smooth strong pedal strokes.  2 minutes at easy tension.  REPEAT

Three minutes: 3 minutes add tension, in the saddle, push and maintain pace.  Follow with 3 minutes at a relaxed, easy pace

Four minutes: 2 minutes up hard out of the saddle, 2 minutes in the saddle with tension, still pushing.  Followed by 4 minutes at a relaxed, easy pace.

One minute: I did the first 1 minute intervals the same as above.

Two minutes: I changed it to an increase in pace/cadence vs adding tension. (2 minutes fast race pace, 2 minutes relaxed, easy pace)

Four minutes: 1st minute standing at a fast pace, next minute fast race pace in the saddle.  REPEAT.

Cool down.


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