This weekend, I ran a 5K with my sisters.  It was a blast and by far, exceeded my expectations.

First.  Sisters fight.  I’m going to go as far as to say that girls are just mean, in general.  And when it comes to sisters, well, boundaries are out the window.  I guess I was lucky that there was enough age difference between my oldest sister and I (12 years) growing up, that we never fought.  We had a completely idealistic relationship and were like two peas in a pod.  Sickening, right?  Then, I became an adult.  And that idealistic notion of sisters being besties, well, reality got in the way.  We fought.  We were mean girls.  So, the fact that we actually ran a race together, well, this alone is monumental.  🙂  I’d like to say that we both grew up and realized what jack asses we both were.  But, in reality, I’m not sure that’s true.  Because, deep down, if we’re both honest, I’m sure we’d both still, to this day, say that the other is a jack ass and the entire feud was her fault.  Because both of us are blameless in our own rights.  The important part is, I have my friend back.  No, I have my sister back, who happens to be one of the most kick ass friends I could ever ask for.  And, as an added bonus, I know she’s around for life.

So, as if that is not monumental enough, this also marked the first time in 33 years that my sister has run- on purpose!  And we had the pleasure of running with my niece (who deserves the mention of honorary sister).


Starting off, it was a magical morning as we goofed around and got each other “glommed” up.



Soon enough, we headed out!  All ready to rock and roll… Run or Dye!




Our plan was to run to the first color station and then walk to the next… and so on… as we got past the first color bomb, we slowed to a walk.  Soon after, my sister, in the way only she can do, loudly declared that walking sucks!  Walking made it HOTTER!  As I politely explained that running creates your own wind, so yes, in theory, walking could in fact make it feel hotter, she stepped up back up and we were back to a jog.  She was doing this!  AND with a smile on her face!  We continued on until we came to the infamous huge hill that I loathe near the state capitol.  Tawnie was jogging ahead, hurdling the cones blocking traffic and patiently waiting for us to catch up.  As my sister got rather mouthy about a hill being on the course, I kept my mouth shut about how much I myself hated this particular hill and instead encouraged her on the way up.  We stopped to walk up it and I was secretly cheering about that :).  We picked up the pace on the downhill and kept it going.  We were more than halfway done and both Tawnie and my sister were starting to fade a bit.  I reminded them both to stay positive and Tawnie soon turned into a cheerleader beside me, words of encouragement that she has heard from me a million times during races spurting out of her mouth.  As we rounded the corner on to the last stretch towards the finish, we saw my mom.


It was perfect timing.  My sister was fading and we needed something or someone to get a kick in the pants to keep us moving.  My mom was it.  No way was she about to have the 3 of us walk it into the finish.  🙂

I couldn’t be prouder of my sister and the effort she put forth!  To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.  Going in to the race with a plan to walk half of it, we finished with running roughly 2 1/2 miles!  Incredible!  And we celebrated at the end!



Covered in head to toe in the rainbow, we headed to brunch with our family.  Walking away, the three of us have an experience of a lifetime.  Something that we share.  Sisterhood.



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