A Weekend to Remember…

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

-T.S. Elliott

Since I’m out of circulation for a few weeks, I’ll reminisce on some major accomplishments from the past weekend!

First, I am so incredibly proud of my amazing husband!  Josh has been training hard since we ran the Paris Marathon for the Des Moines Distance Classic- Dam to Dam- which debuted as a half marathon this year!  He set his goal and worked so hard to meet it.  He got up early every morning and set out on his runs, whether at the track or on the roads, and conquered the pace set out on his place- which was both impressive and intimidating to me!

And, it paid off for him last Saturday!  It was also my first experience as a spectator!  I have to admit, it was more nerve-wrecking to be a spectator, than to be a runner!  I was a wreck!  Worried whether we’d make it to our designated spots on time, whether we’d miss him, whether he’d be on pace…

I had a few surprises for him along the way and had fun playing the role of “cheerleader” for the morning!




I ordered oversized “Josh faces” and set out for “craft time” with my markers and posters board-  determined to show the hubs who his biggest fan is!

IMG_1596 IMG_1706

And amazeballs, he is!!  This kid looked like it was a walk in the park!




I couldn’t be prouder of his effort and his strong finish.  Babe- you inspire me with your hard work, determination, and perseverance!


And, to cap off an already inspiring weekend, I got the news that I passed my certification to become a Group Power instructor!  Many, many thanks to my friends who gave up a Friday evening to come to my taping over Memorial Day Weekend :).


Woot!  So, while I’m on “forced rest”, I do have some things to look forward to tackling when I’m back to normal!  I have the pleasure of filling in for an instructor on maternity leave for Group Power Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer, marathon training for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon begins June 15th, and a new venture to get certified as an instructor for Group Ride is on the horizon for late summer!  It’s time to get this body back into shape and I’m excited and inspired by the determination of others around me to get at it!


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