Spin Monday!

Happy Monday!  I am in need of some enthusiasm to get me going today.  It was foggy and dark when the alarm went off and it felt like I had  only been asleep for an hour, making it especially difficult to pull my bones out of bed and get myself into the gym to lead spin class this morning.

Thankfully, I had a big class to get me through… and the sweet tooth that has plagued me was motivation to get my legs moving and burning off unnecessary calories!

  1. Warm up
  2. Climb
  3. Keep resistance- run out of saddle
  4. Release 1/2 resistance- run in saddle
  5. Intervals- add resistance during chorus
  6. Flat road run- add resistance & stand half way through
  7. Jumps
  8. Climb (long and slow and steady)
  9. Run in the saddle
  10. 1 minute recovery- add heavy resistance & run out of saddle
  11. Release 1/2 of resistance & run in saddle for 2 minutes
  12. Cool down & stretch

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 7.52.34 AM


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