Defining: Awfully Good

Can something be both awful and good at the same time?  That is the only way I can think to describe my massage last night.  It was both awfully painful and good to the core at the same time.

First, let me set the tone for this week.  Monday, I cross-trained with spin class.  I planned to run 800’s Tuesday morning and then instruct Group Power, but I forgot that I was subbing for another instructor at the 5:30am Group Power class and at the last minute found myself teaching 2 Group Power classes.  That’s more than 200 squats and lunges in a day.  The hubs thought we should still get our 800’s in, so I sucked it up and went to the track with him after work.  Yes.  That was intense workout #3.  The first 800 wasn’t so bad.  In fact, I actually hit my goal pace!  I steadily slowed after that, although, my pace was still pretty consistent with what I was running to train for Tucson (my goal pace is a bit faster this time).  During the 4th 800, my legs felt so wobbly, I thought I might collapse, so I quit halfway through.  After a longer walking rest break, I was able to run the final 800, but I was completely spent.  I walked it back home.

Yesterday, I “faked” it during spin class with plans to follow up with an 8 mile run with one of my friends.  I felt ok starting out, although I knew my legs were still worn out from Tuesday’s marathon of activity.  About 3 miles into it, I told my friend I wanted to run 6 and quit.  Thankfully, she encouraged me to keep going and reminded me how strong I was and that I could do this, we’d just take it slow.  I worked hard to get the mental monkeys out of my head and say focused on the road ahead of me.  As we headed closer to home, I caught one of my shuffling feet on a crack in the sidewalk and lunged forward.  I grabbed my friends arm- hard! in order to maintain my balance and not hit the pavement face first.  Whew!  It was a close call, but I managed not to fall.  Immediately after, my friend suggested we cut the run short and finish at 7 miles.  I didn’t argue, especially considering I had slowed close to a 10 min/mile pace!  I was completely spent for a second day in a row.  I spent the rest of yesterday battling the shakes, hunger pains, and waves of nausea as my body revolted against what I had put it through, without proper fueling or training.

I walked into  my massage last night with a list of “problem” areas: sore IT bands, a recurring, sporadic spasm in my right tricep, and tension in my upper back and neck.  To my surprise, my masseuse found a “problem” area every where she touched.  My body is a complete wreck.  My hips were especially tight.  My back and shoulders were tight, as suspected. It took my breath away as she worked out the knots.  As she moved to my legs, my calves were tight wads of muscle that I had no idea about! And when she moved to my right IT band, everything went white for a moment as sheer pain shot through my body.  There wasn’t enough time for her to work out the knots.  It was a good start, and she left me with instructions to keep foam rolling.  For the first time in my life, I scheduled a follow up appointment for next week.  IT bands are not something to mess with, especially as I ramp up my training!  I felt better post- massage.  It was a pain that hurt so good and left my body longing for more “abuse”.  Not the abuse that I continue to inflict on myself with 2 more Group Power classes today and a pace run on tap tomorrow morning.

I told myself last week that it was time to buck up and get myself in shape- cutting back on sugar, alcohol, and other “fluff” I’ve enjoyed since January.  I guess adding in 2 errr, 3 a days is a sure fire way to jump right in! Maybe the question I should be asking myself is to define: crazy.  🙂


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