Even the mighty fall…

This morning the hubs and I woke up in the great city of Madison, Wisconsin (Go Badgers!!!)- en route to my nephew’s high school graduation party.

After a late night of traveling, I had trouble getting the sleep out of my body. As we started out from the hotel on our pace run, I couldn’t shake the thought “I do NOT want to do this today.” Alas, I sucked it up, knowing both mental monkeys would leave at some point. It was already hot- 76 degrees at 8am and I knew the run was going to be challenging for me all around. Though, I knew I was up the challenge.

I purposely kept my pace slower stating out so I could nail the pace portion later. I was getting lost in my thoughts, wondering exactly where the street we were running on would lead us and what we would see on the run… When… BAM! Before I knew it, I was hitting the ground with my left knew and rolling in a ball to protect myself from any further injury. Damn.

I laid in the ground, clutching my left leg for what seemed like minutes. I kept telling myself to get up, but the thought wasn’t processing to get my motor skills actually working. Finally, I slowly started to move and stood up. My left knee was pounding and the world was spinning. Double damn!

I called it quits and started walking back to the hotel with the hubs at my side. Begrudgingly, I told him he could still run without me. Wisely, he said no.

Perhaps, it’s the result of the fatigue I brought on myself earlier this week. Perhaps, it’s the ensuing sinus infection I am battling that leaves me dizzy and disoriented.

Whatever the case, I’ve got to shake this. Week 2 of marathon training= Epic Fail.



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