Sound Advice

I had lunch with a good friend yesterday.  A good friend, I might note, who recently smoked a marathon, running a PR and finishing feeling fabulous.  All 3 major accomplishments- I’m so proud of her!

As we were catching up on her marathon success, she asked about my knee and what caused me to fall on Saturday.  As I started to explain to her, checking off all the excuses I had lined up in my head- I had over trained last week, I have a sinus infection, I pushed myself too far- it became apparent to me that I just don’t feel well.  In an honest moment, I shared that with her.  Everything feels so much tougher than it should be right now.  Yes, I made some poor decisions last week (3 workouts in 1 day), but if I’m honest, I feel tired, light-headed, groggy, out of it, and lethargic most of the time.  Which, in turn, is making any attempt at normal activity (ok, marathon training may not necessarily be normal activity) hard!

She shared with me some sound advice.  I just had surgery.  No matter what type of surgery or how minor, your body still needs to recover.  And as it recovers, it will pull resources from the rest of your body to do so.  Which, will leave you drained.  Because your body is trying to take care of itself and heal, it doesn’t have the extra oomph I’m asking it to give at this time.

Hmmm.  Sound advice.  It makes sense.  Although, it doesn’t make it less frustrating.  And, leaves me wondering how long this feeling is going to last.  In the meantime, it does allow me to re-prioritize and focus on my goals.  Which, are associated with improving my running.  What does this mean?  It means I will have to hold back the intensity during spin class.  It also means less intensity during Group Power.  In order to maximize my performance during key workouts – track work, hill repeats, and pace runs- I need to dial back and conserve some energy for those extra efforts.  It also means giving my body plenty of rest and sleep.  It has been crying for more of it.  And last night, I followed suit and put myself to bed around 7:30pm to read and was sound asleep by 8:15.

When the alarm went off at 4:45am, I was pretty groggy and thankfully, the hubs was too.  We hit snooze 3 times before rolling out of bed and getting ready for our run- a first crack at hill repeats.  The entire time I was getting ready, I just kept thinking about how much I didn’t want to run.  I wanted to sleep.  Instead of playing the wimp card, that I’ve been playing too much lately, I prayed for endurance, strength, and energy to complete this run.  We started out slow on our warm up.  I mean, real slow.  We were passed by several other runners.  Which, is humbling.  For once, I didn’t care.  I knew I was doing the best I could this morning.  The fact that I made it further than a half mile was progress since my epic fail and fall on Saturday!  We got to the hill.  I drew in a big breath and we started up it.  I knew during the first one, I wasn’t pushing it.  Instead, it was like my legs were reorienting themselves with the motion.  The hubs started coaching me – telling me to drive my knees and arms to the top.  It helped.  Round 2 wasn’t much faster.  At the top, the hubs offered a goal pace- which meant shaving off 3 seconds.  The next 3 rounds were 1 second off.  However, I was going full-out.  Driving to the top with my knees and arms.  It felt very much like a test run this morning.  My mind and my body adjusting to effort it takes to sprint to the top.  If anything, it proved that I can do it.  I just need some determination, renewed fire, and the sound advice of trusted, good friends to get me there.


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