Race Weekend


For maybe the first time ever, I am heading into race weekend feeling relaxed.  I am ready.  I have prepared.  And now, it’s in God’s hands.

To HIM be the GLORY!

After meeting with my running coach earlier this week, I came away with a new perspective.  Instead of stressing about what I cannot control (the process of getting into the Boston Marathon… hello, could it BE any more complicated??), I am focused on what I can control and what is within my reach.  Running a new personal best.  Running strong. Running for the glory of God.

This training cycle, I have let go of my ‘type A’ personality, i have trusted fully in my coach and the workouts that he put before me.  Focusing on one week at a time and not getting ahead of myself.  I gave my trusty Garmin to Josh and I will be running the marathon without it.

All I have to do is run! I know that Josh will push me, he will get me there.  And for me, this experience, of trusting in him, being vulnerable enough to put my own tracking and timing devices aside and let him guide me, has made my love and respect for my husband grow.

I know there will be peaks and there will be valleys on Sunday morning.  What’s more, I know the valleys will be temporary and if I follow Josh, listen to him coach me through it and stay relaxed and focused, they will pass.  It will be hard.  And, as I blogged about in my last post, it will be emotional.

All I can say is…

To HIM be the GLORY!

HE has immeasurably MORE in story for me.  HE will provide.

All I have to do is RUN… with GLORY… with JOY… and with THANKSGIVING.


2 thoughts on “Race Weekend

  1. We’re so excited for you and Josh, Nikki! Not just for the marathon tomorrow, but to see what God is doing in your lives 😊 Learning to give up our control and allow God to handle our lives is scary and exciting at the same time! But every time we do we see how awesome God is and it makes it easier to let go the next time, and the next! Praying for you!

    Love, Barb


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