Counting Days

It’s hard to believe we are down to three weeks before our daughter is due! When we were matched, three months seemed so far away and in a blink of an eye… we are counting down the days to her arrival!

Are we excited? That’s the number one question we are getting asked… and yes, of course we are overly excited to welcome her home!

It’s been a long journey and the wait has felt like it has been forever long. And there has been a lot of ‘life’ along the journey but those mountains and valleys are what make this so special. It’s our story- it’s not perfect- but it’s ours. It’s the story that we will tell our daughter and she will know how very much she has been loved and prayed for from the very beginning.

We are starting to get ourselves ready to travel to meet our birth mom and dad and welcome our baby girl into the world. I say our baby girl collectively- because she is all of our baby girl- all four of us. We are all in this and I couldn’t be more grateful for the gift that they are giving us and the life they are choosing for this baby. I already have so much love for this couple, so much respect… in three short months, I have grown to care for them so much. God willing, this will be just the beginning of a long relationship that is centered on this baby girl.

I ask for your continued prayers as we head down this final stretch. While we are excited, we are cautiously so. Please pray not just for us, but for our birth family in the days leading up to our daughter’s birth. For the health and safety of all involved. And for strength in the days ahead.


2 thoughts on “Counting Days

  1. What an adventure adoption is! So hard at times and yet your faith that God has this all planned out for you is so important! Let us know if you need anything! We are praying for all involved!


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